Hand Feed Dolphins at Tin Can Bay

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Holiday at Tin Can Bay and Hand Feed Dolphins

Tin Can Bay is located at the bottom end of the Great Sandy Strait and is one of the few places where you can feed the rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. For a holiday of a lifetime experience, include Tin Can Bay on your travel itinerary and feed the rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (a small charge may be made for fish to feed the dolphins).

Hand Feeding Wild Dolphins at Tin Can Bay

Hand feed dolphins in the wild at Tin Can Bay.


Feeding the dolphins is controlled by Queensland Government EPA requirements with the set feeding time being 8.00am (Telephone Barnacles on 07 5486 4899 to confirm current feeding arrangements and times).

To obtain or confirm dolphin feeding information


Phone Barnacles on 07 5486 4899


Feeding the wild dolphins at Tin Can Bay is a tremendous experience (Note: Dolphin feeding is Regulated by the Queensland Government. Fish to feed dolphins is to be purchased at the site to minimise potential risks to the dolphins).

Dolphin visitors now include:

  • "Harmony" - daughter of "Mystique" and is a fourth generation feeder at Tin Can Bay
  • "Patch" also still visits and is sometimes accompanied by "Valentine"

Read the story of the Tin Can Bay Dolphins and "Scarry" here.

Click here to visit our Tin Can Bay map page to view a location map showing how to find the Boat ramp.

Holiday at Tin Can Bay and stay at Tin Can Bay Accommodation and enjoy a great time feeding the dolphins.

Tin Can Bay Motels

Dolphin News

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