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  • Rare dolphin and orangutan species found deep in the jungles of Bangladesh and Borneo (Scientific American)

    It's hard to believe there are still places on Earth that haven't been fully explored. And yet this week brings news that conservation teams working in jungles in Bangladesh and Borneo have discovered previously unknown populations of two critically endangered species, the Irrawaddy dolphin and the Bornean orangutan. [More]

  • Dolphin calf born deceased at Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley (Columbia Heights - Fridley Sun-Focus)

    The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley announced this morning, March 26, that its female dolphin calf was born deceased. The calf was the offspring of 21-year-old Allie, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin that had been at the zoo since 2008.

  • How to have fun, dolphin style (BigPond News)

    Scientists have known that dolphins like to play, but now there's new video to prove just how good they are at having fun.

  • Asian Dolphin, Feared Dying, Is Thriving (New York Times)

    Biologists working in Bangladesh have found a thriving population of about 6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins, a species that experts had worried was vulnerable to extinction.

  • Tenovus charity takes portfolio to Brewin Dolphin (icWales)

    THE Cardiff office of Brewin Dolphin has further expanded the funds it manages on behalf of charities by taking on the portfolio of cancer charity Tenovus.

  • Lady Dolphin track team wins three-team meet at Catholic (Gulf Breeze News)

    The Gulf Breeze Lady Dolphin track team won a three-team meet at Catholic on March 19. The Lady Dolphins won with 101 points. Catholic was second (43) and Pensacola Christian third (42).

  • Day of the Dolphin, Imperfect Harmony, The Iceman Cometh (Fast Company Magazine)

    VERY SHORT LIST Day of the dolphin   INVENTION The Lunocet The Lunocet is a carbon-fiber monofin that?s modeled on a dolphin?s tail. Strap it on, and you?ll find yourself swimming twice as fast as any Olympian. Invented by a Georgia engineer named Ted Ciamillo, the James Bondish device weighs 2.5 pounds, has a 42-inch wingspan, and propels you through the water at speeds of up to 8 mph. (Michael ...



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