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  • Dolphin calf acclimating to zoo

    A rescued dolphin calf has two basic skills to learn before it?s unveiled to the general public, but Indianapolis Zoo officials gave a sneak peak on Thursday. Read more at www.WISHTV.com

  • Orphan dolphin Taz making a comeback at zoo

    An orphan dolphin is gaining weight at the Indianapolis Zoo, playing with trainers and expressing curiosity about the dolphins in other tanks.

  • Dolphin expert still not ready to blame oil for deaths

    Dr. Moby Solangi with the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is cautiously optimistic on the future of dolphins, turtles and birds along the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Bird, dolphin, sea lion deaths on the rise

    What may be an escalating outbreak of ocean toxin is sending sick and dying birds and sea lions to rescue centers on the Southern California coast, with more dead dolphins washing up onshore, wildlife...

  • Rescued dolphin Taz growing, thriving at Indy zoo

    Orphaned mammal gaining weight, playing with trainers, curious about dolphins in other tanks, officials say.

  • Beached dolphin dies in Newport

    A dolphin beached itself before it died at Newport Beach on Sunday afternoon, said Mike Teague, animal control officer for the city of Newport Beach.At about 2:30 p.m. officials received a call about a live dolphin near 15th Street, he said.A crowd tried to push it back into the water but the...

  • Scientists Monitoring Dolphin Population Following Oil Spill

    Some people believe the oil spill is directly related to the alarming number of dolphin deaths. Scientists have been off the coast of Grand Isle looking for answers.



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