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  • Peru probes mass dolphin die-off

    Hundreds of dolphin carcasses washing up on shore prompt officials to study if virus or seismic oil exploration to blame

  • Official: Dolphin deaths in Peru still a mystery

    Peruvian authorities are still trying to unravel the mystery of why hundreds of dolphins ended up dead on beaches in the country over the past 2 1/2 months.

  • Dolphin acquires Open Geophysical

    BERGEN, Norway ? Dolphin Geophysical Inc. has purchased Open Geophysical Inc. Dolphin also says that all its seismic survey vessels will be upgraded with OGI software for on-board fasttrack processing.

  • 4/20/2012 - Dolphin to acquire Open Geophysical

    Dolphin is set to acquire the seismic processing software company Open Geophysical...

  • Dolphin kill

    Chiclayo, Peru ? Coast guard officials stand next to dolphins caracasses on the shore of Pimentel Beach in Peru. Scientists and Peruvian officials are investigating a mass die-off of hundreds of dolphins along the South American country's coast.

  • How Much Does a Dolphin Cost?; Offshore Drilling Is Still Risky

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