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  • Dolphin stuck in California wetlands draws a crowd

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (Reuters) - A dolphin who took a wrong turn from the Pacific Ocean into a Southern California wetlands became an unwitting star on Friday when scores of motorists on a nearby busy highway stopped to watch it swim in circles. The 700-pound (317-kg) mammal was discovered on Friday morning in Bolsa Bay, about 30 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles in the Orange ...

  • Lost dolphin wanders into Calif. wetlands

    A dolphin wandered into a narrow channel in a coastal wetlands on Friday, circling in shallow waters as crowds grew along the banks, TV helicopters flew overhead and marine animal experts considered how to return it to the ocean.

  • Wayward dolphin lingers in Bolsa Chica wetlands

    The animal eluded would-be rescuers, who hope it will eventually find its way back to sea on its own. Helicopters circled, crowds gathered to gawk and worry, and traffic snarled along Pacific Coast Highway as a disoriented dolphin circled in the shallow, murky waters of the Bolsa Chica wetlands Friday.

  • Spectators may have spooked wayward dolphin, expert says

    A wayward dolphin that made a wrong turn into the Bolsa Chica wetlands may have become spooked by the scores of spectators, buzzing news helicopters and well-intentioned rescuers, a marine biologist involved in the rescue effort said Friday. The 7-foot...

  • Dolphin Trapped in Shallow Water Off Huntington Beach

    A dolphin who separated from his pod this week became stuck in shallow water near Huntington Beach, Calif., today, and is at risk of suffocating. The dolphin was spotted only 12 feet from shore, swimming in circles in the shallow water this morning. Officials told...



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