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  • Scientists Move One Step Closer to an Actual Dolphin-to-Human Translator

    Denise Herzing, the director of the Wild Dolphin Project and creator of the Cetacean Hearing Telemetry device (CHAT), had a very appropriate reaction to hearing a successful dolphin translation: ?I was like whoa! We have a match. While dolphins can be trained to understand and respond to human commands, that communication has so far only been one way. Rather than try to translate all their ...

  • Why Taiwan's illegal dolphin meat trade thrives

    Why Taiwan's illegal dolphin meat trade thrives

  • Dolphin translator chirps out first word

    Scientists working on a two-way dolphin communicator have made a breakthrough -- their device may have translated a single whistle in real time.        

  • Dolphin-to-English Two-Way Translator World First on its Way

    Scientists expect to be chatting with dolphins this summer after researchers developed a computer program that analyses dolphin whistles and translates them into English. Denise Herzing, director of the Wild Dolphin Project has spent 28 years living and tracking three generations of a pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the Bahamas to study their behaviours and family relationships, hoping to ...

  • Dolphin Tale 2 star visits All Children's Hospital

    Some patients at All Children?s Hospital got a special visitor on Thursday. Nathan Gamble, who play



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