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  • Taiwan sets up sanctuary for endangered humpback dolphin

    Taiwan is setting up its first marine wildlife sanctuary, in a bid to protect its dwindling population of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, officials said Monday.

  • Scientists Move One Step Closer to an Actual Dolphin-to-Human Translator

    Denise Herzing, the director of the Wild Dolphin Project and creator of the Cetacean Hearing Telemetry device (CHAT), had a very appropriate reaction to hearing a successful dolphin translation: ?I was like whoa! We have a match. While dolphins can be trained to understand and respond to human commands, that communication has so far only been one way. Rather than try to translate all their ...

  • Watch: Dolphin Tale Is Coming Back

    Winter, the dolphin who played himself in the first film, will star as a different character in Dolphin Tale 2, slated for Sept. 19.

  • As One Dolphin Preens for Television, Another Dies

    Nova goes to Bimini in the Bahamas where researchers study dolphin society in the wild doing amazing things -- which do not involve balancing volleyballs and spinning hula hoops around their blow holes. Any opinions are her own.)

  • Dolphin deaths off Virginia could be on the rise this spring

    VIRGINIA BEACH -- Marine experts recovered three dead bottle-nose dolphins washed up in Hampton Roads, as they prepare for what could be another hectic season of dolphin strandings. The three mammals were recovered in early April, but it?s unclear if their deaths are linked to a widespread virus that killed over a thousand dolphins along the east coast last year. "They've identified the cause as ...

  • Fred. Olsen Energy ASA: Project and Operational Updates

  • Whale and dolphin tourism 'world class'

    A top professor in the study of whales and dolphins has named the Gascoyne?s whale and dolphin tourism sector ?world class?.

  • How to Turn a Dolphin, Sea Lion, or Whale Into a Sea Creature Commando

    The dolphin army (or navy, depending on your point of view) will be joining forces with Moscow's existing killer sea lion unit. Even the United States Navy has a sea creature division which includes dolphins, sea lions and whales.  We did some digging to find out exactly what a sea creature commando can do, and if they've done any real damage in the past. Bottlenose dolphins can also be trained ...

  • Former Harbor Branch dolphin rescuer trying to get his job back

    Will dolphin rescuer Stephen McCulloch get his job back at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute?



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