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  • Silver Dolphin Books and Skyreader? Media Inc. Launch Interactive "Pretend and Play" App Series for Young Children

    SAN DIEGO, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Multiple award-winning publisher Silver Dolphin Books and Skyreader Media Inc. have partnered on the launch of three new interactive apps based on Silver Dolphin Books' popular Pretend and Play book series. Skyreader? Media, using its web-based platform Skyreader Studio?, has developed three immersive and interactive e-books for the AppleŽ iPadŽ based on ...

  • Repair work to begin on Dolphin Tower

    After three years, the city grants a building permit allowing $9 million in repairs to begin on a cracked slab in the Sarasota high-rise condo building.

  • Ex-Miami Dolphin Morrall dies

    Earl Morrall, who was arguably the greatest backup quarterback in NFL history, passed away on Friday, the Miami Dolphins said. Morrall came off the bench to start the final nine regular season games of the Dolphins' 1972 perfect season after starting quarterback Bob Griese got injured. Griese returned in the playoffs and led Miami to a Super Bowl victory.

  • Formerly Conjoined Twins Meet Dolphin With Prosthetic Tail

    The boys share a special connection with Winter, the subject of 2011 movie.

  • Scientists Move One Step Closer to an Actual Dolphin-to-Human Translator

    Denise Herzing, the director of the Wild Dolphin Project and creator of the Cetacean Hearing Telemetry device (CHAT), had a very appropriate reaction to hearing a successful dolphin translation: ?I was like whoa! We have a match. While dolphins can be trained to understand and respond to human commands, that communication has so far only been one way. Rather than try to translate all their ...

  • Emotional Sea Mammal Fans Ahoy - Dolphin Tale 2 Trailer is Here [Trailer + Pictures]

    Don?t expect anything new from the trailer for Dolphin Tale 2, but expect some heart-warming music, cute kids crying about animals, proud and...

  • Watch: Dolphin Tale Is Coming Back

    Winter, the dolphin who played himself in the first film, will star as a different character in Dolphin Tale 2, slated for Sept. 19.

  • As One Dolphin Preens for Television, Another Dies

    Nova goes to Bimini in the Bahamas where researchers study dolphin society in the wild doing amazing things -- which do not involve balancing volleyballs and spinning hula hoops around their blow holes. Any opinions are her own.)



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