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  • Only an exhibition, but ... (Sun-Sentinel)

    Dolphin starters dominate Chiefs in all phases These were sights, sounds and smells not seen or heard at Dolphin Stadium on Saturday for nearly six years.

  • Boldon: It'd be fun to see Bolt as Dolphin, but can he catch? (The Palm Beach Post)

    The sports fan in Ato Boldon likes the idea Usain Bolt playing for the Dolphins. The realist in him says he won't be camping out by the ticket window in the morning.

  • Dolphin Cruises (Bristol Herald Courier)

    Virginia Aquarium Offers Scenic Summer Trips VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. ? Easing out of Rudee Inlet, the ?Rudee Rocket? sailed squarely in line with a parasail pilot. All the rubbernecks aboard ? myself included ? cast eyes to the sun. Here in Virginia Beach, it seems parasailing is latest, greatest attraction, just off the coast right along the edge of the ocean. But then, it seems so is sailing ...

  • Ex-Dolphin Taylor can't dance away from knee sprain (Sun-Sentinel)

    Jason Taylor limped off the field with a worrisome knee injury, and the Redskins quickly unraveled against the Panthers' 1-2 punch of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

  • The Dolphin People, By Torsten Krol (Independent)

    "Always be strong," is the advice given to Erich by his late father, killed in combat. Both physical and mental strength must be summoned by Erich, his brother, Zeppi, and mother, Helga, during their perilous journey from post-war Germany to Venezuela, where the nervous Helga marries her brother-in-law, Klaus. Their plane crashes in the jungle, and the native Yayomi tribe believe that the ...

  • Miami Dolphins in rare form in shutout over Kansas City Chiefs (Orlando Sentinel)

    These were sights, sounds and smells not seen or heard at Dolphin Stadium for nearly six years.

  • Dolphins' sales theater pumps up ticket buyers (Sun-Sentinel)

    The lights went down and a four-minute high definition High Definition surround-sound romp through the history of Dolphin Stadium erupted.

  • UM football ready to share at Dolphin Stadium (Miami Herald)

    University of Miami football fans, as you mourn the Orange Bowl Stadium's passing and get ready for Thursday's opener against Charleston Southern in a new home shared with two tenants, know this: You're not alone.

  • Looking good: Dolphins clobber Chiefs (TCPalm.com)

    These were sights, sounds and smells not seen or heard at Dolphin Stadium Saturday for nearly six years.



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