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  • Kermadecs Islands: Dolphin chasing, whale watching and wrestling the Galapagos shark

    Kermadecs Islands: Dolphin chasing, whale watching and wrestling the Galapagos shark

  • Five Things to Learn About the Dolphin Kick

    Olympic rules allow one dolphin kick at the start of the 100-meter breaststroke competition. South African swimmer Cameron Van der Burg did three. Replays clearly show them, and he makes no apology for cheating.

  • Dolphin 56, where are you?

    Dolphin 56 is a bottlenose dolphin who swam from Florida up to New Jersey every year for decades after being branded in 1979. The 45-year-old dolphin went missing this year

  • Dolphin kicks fuel talk of video cameras

    SWIMMING OFFICIALS are considering the introduction of underwater video for judging following the controversy over an alleged illegal "dolphin" kick by South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh in his Olympic 100-meter breaststroke gold medal win last week.

  • Dolphin group hails successful refloating

    The first successful refloating of a dolphin in this country has been confirmed in north Kerry.

  • Dolphin who visited NJ each summer is missing

    BRIGANTINE ? Where is Dolphin 56? Bob Schoelkopf has asked himself that question many times this year.

  • London Games: Swimming With the Dolphin Kick

    Watching the competitive sport of swimming on TV, there are those familiar strokes, such as the breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle or front crawl, and butterfly.

  • VH1 pulls series involving ex-Dolphin Chad Johnson

    For Chad Johnson, a weekend confrontation with his wife has led to repercussions beyond a misdemeanor charge and NFL unemployment.



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