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  • Ric O?Barry Op-Ed: A Return to the Dolphin Hunts

    Our Dolphin Project Team and I are returning to Taiji once again to oppose the killing of hundreds of dolphins and to warn the people of Japan about the dangers of eating mercury-contaminated dolphin meat. 

  • Japanese Dolphin Hunter Has Epiphany, Now Runs Sightseeing Tours of the Beloved Sea Creature

    In the saga of dolphins versus hunters in Japan, one fisherman in Japan has managed to turn the story around.

  • Ending Taiji, Japan?s Dolphin Hunt: How to Become a Cove Monitor

    For almost an entire month last September, Tia Butt woke up at sunrise every day in the small coastal Japan town of Taiji to observe its annual dolphin hunt. She watched as fishermen worked in the nearby harbor, navigating their boats in the search for these beloved sea creatures.

  • Mercury Poisoning From Dolphin Meat Remains a Major Concern for 'Cove' Activists

    During dolphin drive hunting season, hundreds of dolphins in the southern coastal town of Taiji, Japan, face capture and slaughter at the hands of local fishermen. While some are ensnared to become marine park show toys, many others are killed for their meat, soon to be packaged and sold on supermarket shelves in Japan.

  • Dolphin Tower owners facing reckoning in renovations

    As condo owners prepare to write hefty checks to make their building habitable again, at least one speculator is looking to get out

  • Get to know the new and improved Dolphin Browser for iOS

    Version 6.0 introduces an entirely new look and feel to this free iOS browser, along with a handful of new features. Will the new Dolphin Browser lead you to stray from Safari or Chrome? Originally posted at How To

  • New Dolphin Show Featuring Cirque Dreams to Open at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2013

    VALLEJO, Calif., Aug. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today announced its partnership with theatrical visionary Neil Goldberg and his acclaimed Cirque Dreams entertainment brand to ...

  • Protest over dolphin slaughter

    More than 50 people gathered outside the Japanese consulate in West Perth today in protest at the annual dolphin slaughter at Taiji.

  • Dolphin Digital Media Reviews Second Quarter Fiscal 2012 Financial Results and Provides Business Outlook

    MIAMI -- Dolphin Digital Media, Inc. (http://www.dolphindigitalmedia.com), a leading producer of high quality digital content and safe, engaging websites for children, reviews its financial results for ...

  • Dolphin WaterCareŽ Enables Eco-friendly Water Conservation Solutions For Drought Stricken U.S.

    MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The United States is currently experiencing one of its worst droughts in over fifty years, resulting in devastating crop losses, rising food prices and ...



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