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  • Brewin Dolphin Rises After Commissions and Fee Income Increase

    Brewin Dolphin Holdings Plc, a U.K. stockbroker and fund manager, climbed as much as 6 percent in London trading as rising fee income offset the effect of a ban on commissions paid by fund managers.

  • Three Leading Global Energy Companies Select Dolphin to Enhance SAP(R) Processes With Procure-to-Pay Solution

    Three multi-billion dollar, global oil and gas providers have selected Dolphin's end-to-end procure-to-pay solution in the second quarter of 2013 to enhance P2P processes in SAP® applications. By adding ...

  • Don't swim with this dolphin: Temperamental 'Dusty' filmed attacking a woman

    Dolphins are known for their gentle and friendly personality - but Dusty is different

  • Dusty the dolphin attacks divers

    She's a charming cetacean who one minute will allow you to put your arm around her -- and the next leave you nursing injuries. As swimmers off the west coast of Ireland are finding out, you don't mess with Dusty the dolphin.

  • Marine experts puzzled over 21 dead dolphins at the Shore

    BRIGANTINE, N.J. - Dead dolphin No. 21 lay zipped inside a blue body bag, 61 inches from the tip of its bottle-shape nose to the point where the boat propeller had sliced off its tail.

  • Caught on Cam: Shark Chomps Down on Dolphin

    Experts are trying to identify a shark caught on video eating a dead dolphin off the Jersey Shore. Anthony Cortes and his father-in-law David Hermann were flounder fishing Tuesday seven miles off the coast... Photo Credit: NBC40.net

  • Experts Stumped By Rash Of Dolphin Deaths In Long Island Waters

    From Montauk to Queens there has been a dramatic uptick in bottle nosed dolphin deaths over the past month, experts said. There were 17 this month, compared to just 3 in July, 2012.



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