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  • Watch: Dolphin's Release Depends on Funds

    Stranded New York dolphin nursed back to health needs financial help to be returned to the wild.        

  • Feds probe unusually high number of dolphin deaths on East Coast

    Federal officials say an unusually high number of bottlenose dolphins are dying off the East Coast this summer, the deadliest period for the sea mammals since a virus killed off more than 700 in the late 1980s.

  • Mid-Atlantic Dolphin Die-Off Leaves Scientists Puzzled

    Some 160 animals have been found dead from New York to Virginia since July, and scientists say one possible cause is a virus that belongs to the same family as measles and distemper.

  • That dolphin you used to hang out with back in high school probably still remembers you, research shows

    Dolphins have the longest memories of any animal besides humans, according to a new paper published Tuesday.

  • Feds probe unusually high number of dolphin deaths

    July. 3, 2013: An Atlantic bottlenose dolphin named Tanner is shown during a demonstration at the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key in Marathon, Fla.



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