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  • Dolphin swims miles up River Dee

    A dolphin is being monitored by a marine rescue charity after swimming miles up the River Dee in Flintshire.

  • Mysterious Dolphin Die-Off Puzzles Scientists

    Something is causing a massive die-off of dolphins along the East Coast of the United States, and scientists are struggling to find the cause.

  • Dolphin deaths exceed 160 in Virginia

    VIRGINIA BEACH The number of mysterious dolphin deaths has increased to more than 160 in Virginia.

  • Deadly dolphin plague feared along mid-Atlantic Coast

    BROOKLYN (PIX11) - When a grey dolphin got stuck in the muddy waters of the Gowanus Canal back in January, many tried to attribute its subsequent death to toxins ingested from the water. Now, it seems, the dolphin?s demise was ?

  • Dolphin visits swimmers at Balmoral

    IT might not be at the top of your Bucket List, but as experiences go, it's still pretty special.        

  • Dolphin die-off stretches Virginia Aquarium resources

    *Update: Officials said one dolphin washed ashore in Ocean View and another at the Oceanfront Tuesday.  Both were deceased and their condition is unknown. VIRGINIA BEACH -- The Virginia Aquarium is struggling to find the resources to keep up with the increasing amount of dead dolphins washing ashore. This past weekend 25 dolphins were stranded along Virginia?s coast, bringing the grisly toll of ...

  • Scientists in search of cause of increase in dolphin deaths

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- Scientists say they're struggling to learn why dead dolphins are washing up on the U.S. East Coast in unusually high numbers this year.

  • Feds probe unusually high number of dolphin deaths on East Coast

    Federal officials say an unusually high number of bottlenose dolphins are dying off the East Coast this summer, the deadliest period for the sea mammals since a virus killed off more than 700 in the late 1980s.



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