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  • Stranded dolphin rescued by lifeboat

    A dolphin in the River Dee in Flintshire is rescued after becoming stranded on sandbanks and is being taken back out to sea by a lifeboat crew.

  • Mysterious dolphin die-off on East Coast puzzles researchers

    Once upon a time, he was known as Capt. Bob, the man who trained the dolphins and seals to perform for crowds in Atlantic City.

  • Dolphin still swimming in River Dee

    A dolphin which swam miles up the River Dee in Flintshire remains in the area, coastguards say.

  • Ex-Dolphin Trainer Now Looking Into Mass Die-Off

    Ex-dolphin trainer now a researcher looking into East Coast die-off that has claimed 230 lives        

  • VIDEO: RNLI footage of dolphin rescue

    A dolphin which became stranded on sandbanks in the River Dee is taken out to sea after it was rescued by lifeboat.

  • VIDEO: Stranded dolphin finally rescued

    A dolphin has been rescued after swimming miles up the River Dee in Flintshire four days ago.

  • U.S. Dolphin Deaths Rise to 300; Cause Still a Mystery

    The growing number of corpses across such a wide geographic area points to an infectious cause, but the jury's still out, government says.

  • Dolphin swims miles up River Dee

    A dolphin is being monitored by a marine rescue charity after swimming miles up the River Dee in Flintshire.



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