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  • Dolphin die-off linked to virus as casualties rise

    Count of dead rises to 18 in Md. since July 1, 333 along East Coast Scientists believe a virus similar to measles in humans is responsible for an accelerating die-off in bottlenose dolphins along the Mid-Atlantic coast.        

  • Dolphin attacked by people

    A dolphin that injured swimmers along the north Clare coast in recent months has itself been attacked.

  • Feds: Virus likely cause of dolphin deaths

    As the number of dolphin strandings along the East Coast mounts, federal fishery officials said Tuesday the "tentative cause" of the deaths was a virus that has caused large die-offs of dolphins in the past.

  • Video: Washed-up dolphin released back to ocean

    Roxanne, a 700-pound dolphin who was found near a Fire Island, N.Y., sand bar in June, was released in Hampton Bays after being nursed back to health at the Riverhead Foundation. WCBS' Emily Smith reports.

  • Dolphin, Once Near Death, Released After Being Nursed Back To Health

    Roxanne the dolphin was found on a Fire Island sand bar in June unresponsive. When marine researchers arrived, they believed she might have been dead.

  • Measles-like virus may be cause of dolphin deaths on U.S. coast

    By Environment Correspondent Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A measles-like virus that suppresses the immune system could be the reason an extraordinary number of bottlenose dolphins have died after becoming stranded along the U.S. East Coast, a panel of dolphin experts said on Tuesday. ...



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