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  • Meet the World?s Newest Dolphin Species

    Welcome the newest addition to the Flipper family, the Australian humpback dolphin. The Australian humpback dolphin has been around for millennia. We just didn?t know it, as the species was lumped in with other humpback dolphins that roam the world?s oceans. ?These dolphins live mostly in areas that are heavily influenced by human activities, yet where there has been relatively little marine ...

  • Shark Fears Threaten Newly Identified Dolphin

    A new dolphin species has just been named, but it figures that we are already killing it--in many cases due to our fear of sharks. Continue reading ?

  • Dolphin Group Study Produces Taxonomic Clarity And A New Member

    Wildlife Conservation Society Scientists examining a taxonomically confused group of marine mammals have officially named a species new to science: the Australian humpback dolphin, Sousa sahulensis , according to the Wildlife Conservation Society and Clymene Enterprises. The study describing the newly named species is the culmination of a 17-year long systematic examination of all available ...

  • River Severn dolphin found dead

    THE BOTTLENOSE dolphin that had been spotted on various occasions swimming in the River Severn has been found dead.

  • Dams May Damn the Rare Indus River Dolphin to Extinction

    The otherworldly Indus river dolphin is one of only four species of river dolphins left in the world, and its numbers are falling fast in the Pakistani waterways it calls home. ?The link between the construction of the irrigation barges and depletion of river flow matched very well with the timing and the geographic pattern of dolphin disappearance and was even linked with the speed of ...

  • Celebrities join battle to stop Faroe Islands dolphin 'grind'

    Celebrities and animal lovers from around the world are flocking to the Faroe Islands in a bid to stop a controversial dolphin hunt that activists describe as an "archaic mass slaughter". Actress Pamela Anderson, who arrived on the remote North Atlantic archipelago in recent days, is set to be joined by 500 volunteers who will patrol the ocean and beaches around the islands to try to block the ...

  • Lifeless dolphin washes ashore in Boracay ? report

    A lifeless dolphin was washed to the shore of world-famous Boracay Island last Friday, state-run Philippines News Agency reported over the weekend.

  • Dolphin deaths in Va. waters on the decline

    VIRGINIA BEACH (AP) ? Bottlenose dolphin deaths in Virginia are declining. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center says 52 bottlenose dolphin strandings have occurred between January and July, compared to 86 during the same period in 2013. Overall, Virginia recorded more than 350 bottlenose dolphin deaths in 2013. Aquarium spokeswoman Joan Burns tells The Virginian-Pilot that this year's ...

  • New species of dolphin identified and they're swimming in Australian waters

    The Australian Humpback Dolphin has officially been determined as a unique species, and been given its own scientific name. There are now officially four varieties of the humpback dolphin, despite previous thoughts that they were all one species.



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