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  • Two-headed dolphin found washed ashore in Turkey

    Brooks Hays GOKOGLU, Turkey, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- A beached dolphin with two heads was discovered by a man in Turkey over the weekend.

  • Dolphin 'pushed man underwater'

    The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group reminds the public to exercise "extreme caution" around dolphins after a report that a bottlenose dolphin "aggressively" pushed a man underwater off the County Cork coast

  • Dolphin With Two Heads Washes Up on Turkish Beach

    It was not your average day at the beach for gym teacher Tugrul Metin. The 29-year-old was splashing in the waves in Izmir, on Turkey's west coast, when a shocking sight washed up onto the sand in front of him. Metin discovered the body of a deceased two-headed dolphin, which measured about a meter (3.28 feet) and was estimated to be about a year old.

  • Two-Headed Dolphin Found Dead on Beach in Turkey

    A rare occurrence, marine biologists told Turkish media

  • 'Cape-Wearing' Dolphin Turns Out to Be New Species

    "It is pretty rare to have the opportunity to name a new cetacean species," study co-author Howard Rosenbaum, of the Wildlife Conservation Society, wrote in an email to Live Science. "It is only [the] second species description of a new species of dolphin in the last 50 years." [Deep Divers: See Cool Photos of Dolphins]  Humpback dolphins get their name from a hump below their dorsal fin ...

  • Dolphin calf freed from fishing line in Gulf

    A dolphin calf that was tangled in fishing off the coast of Destin was successfully freed through a combined effort that spanned two days and eight different organizations from around the state, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium reports.

  • Two-headed DOLPHIN's body washes up on Turkish beach

    The conjoined corpse was seen floating onto the shore in Izmir on Turkey's west coast on Monday by sports teacher Tugrul Metin.

  • Two-headed dolphin washes up on Turkish beach: reports

    Turkish media reports say Turkish scientists will examine a two-headed dolphin that washed up on a beach in western Turkey.

  • Dead two-headed dolphin discovered in Turkey

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) ? Turkish media reports say Turkish scientists will examine a two-headed dolphin that washed up on a beach in western Turkey.

  • Meet the World?s Newest Dolphin Species

    Welcome the newest addition to the Flipper family, the Australian humpback dolphin. The Australian humpback dolphin has been around for millennia. We just didn?t know it, as the species was lumped in with other humpback dolphins that roam the world?s oceans. ?These dolphins live mostly in areas that are heavily influenced by human activities, yet where there has been relatively little marine ...



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