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  • White whale? No, it?s an albino dolphin

    An incredibly rare albino dolphin was discovered by researchers in the Mediterranean who believe the remarkable mammal is one of only 20 to exist in the world. Nicknamed ?Albus? by...

  • "Dolphin Tale 2" Los Angeles World Premiere Sunday, September 7, 2014

    Warner Bros. Pictures:

  • Fast Dolphin Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

    LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Fast Dolphin is celebrating 10 years of providing high-quality Oracle and SAP staffing services in the United States and Latin America. Over the course of its history, Fast Dolphin has become a leader in the niche of bilingual Oracle and SAP staffing services. Since that time, Fast Dolphin has continued to expand its customer base of businesses ...

  • Bottlenose Dolphin Adopts a Baby Orphan of a Different Species

    Dolphin watchers discovered a rare occurrence recently off the New Zealand coast: A bottlenose dolphin adopted an abandoned common dolphin pup. According to The New Zealand Herald, Kiwi made headlines five years ago when she lost her own baby, named Squirt, after getting stranded in a muddy inlet. Since January Kiwi has been spotted swimming with a baby common dolphin, which has been given the ...

  • Dolphin die-off recedes, but Unusual Mortality Event lingers along East Coast

    Last year, Virginia witnessed the worst mass dolphin die-off in its history as more than 300 bottlenose dolphins began stranding ? about five times the annual average.

  • Dolphin art work to be auctioned

    The 50 dolphin sculptures from a popular art project in Aberdeen are to be auctioned for charity.

  • The Dolphin-Killing Season Is About to Begin in Japan; Here?s What You Can Do About It

    As the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, approaches, activist Ric O?Barry is getting ready for a four-hour interrogation by Japanese police and immigration officials when he arrives in the country. The grilling has become part a gruesome Kabuki that plays out every year as fishermen in Taiji herd hundreds of dolphins into a cove and slaughter them, sparing only a few young animals that ...



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