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  • Dolphin died from sanctuary boat strike

    A DOLPHIN calf that died in Adelaide's Port River Sanctuary was probably hit by a boat, an autopsy has found.

  • Dolphin-watching projected as next-eco-tourism activity in the Hundred Islands

    ALAMINOS CITY, Dec. 20 (PNA) - Dolphin-watching could be the newest eco-adventure activity in the Hundred Islands National Park (HINP) next to kayaking, bird-watching, snorkeling, diving, nature photography and island-hopping.

  • Propeller cut 'killed dolphin'

    THE death of a dolphin calf suspected of being injured by a boat propeller has sparked warning to boat operators to take extra care.

  • Boat propeller kills dolphin calf

    BOAT operators have been urged to use extra care in the Port River following the death of a dolphin calf injured by a boat propeller.

  • 'Dolphin Tale' wraps; cast, crew depart happy

    After three months of filming, the movie moves into post-production before its scheduled October 2011 opening.

  • Camera in right spot to nab Jets tripping Dolphin

    When Dolphins rookie Reshad Jones stayed out of bounds too long on a Miami punt against the New York Jets, he never could have known he was setting up an NFL scandal. If not for Jones' unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, the CBS cameras might not have caught what happened on the next Dolphins punt: a Jets coach tripping a Miami player along the sideline.

  • Investigation into dolphin mutilation

    THE investigation into the alleged mutilation of a dolphin calf has been taken over by Queensland Government authorities.

  • Ancient Balloon-Headed Dolphin Found by Fishers

    A 20-foot dolphin with a bulbous head roamed the North Sea 2.5 million years ago, a newfound fossil reveals.

  • Dolphin basketball on first two-game win streak of season

    BY JASON THOMPSON Gulf Breeze News jason@gulfbreezenews.com The Dolphin basketball team entered play this week riding their first two-game win streak of the young season. Dolphins 45, Milton 42 Gulf Breeze, despite missing seven of its 10 foul shots in the second half, was able to hold on to beat Milton Saturday. read more

  • Dolphin Mini Is A Feature Filled Android Browser Alternative

    Android: If the standard Android browser just isn?t cutting it, the new Dolphin Mini browser comes with tons of useful features like tabs and gestures without sacrificing performance. (more?)



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