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  • Dolphin Capital Inv - Q3 2011 NAV Announcement and Trading Update

    Dolphin Capital Inv - Q3 2011 NAV Announcement and Trading Update

  • Rare albino dolphin is found in Brazil

    It's a very shy type of dolphin that rarely jumps out of the water, scientists say

  • Albino Dolphin found in Baia da Babitonga, Brazil with Brazilian Dolphins (Photo)

    Albino dolphin picture at Baia da Babitonga, Brazil Image Credit: Projeto Toninhas A rare albino dolphin was found swimming along with several endangered species by Brazilian biologists in the area of Baia da Babitonga, Brazil. The albino dolphin known in Brazil as Toninha, belongs to the pontoporia blainvillei species, a shy type of dolphin that [...]

  • Dolphin lives for new day

    A relaxing drive along Cable Beach for Spencer Lim Joon and Courtney Paige de Bruyn turned into a race against time to save a beached striped dolphin last week.

  • First sighting of dolphin in Irish lake

    THE IRISH Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) has confirmed the first sighting of a dolphin in an Irish lake, in Lough Hyne near Baltimore, Co Cork. This is the first time a cetacean has been found in such an environment.

  • Sick dolphin found in Alabama may offer clues to massive die-off

    GULFPORT, Mississippi -- A sick dolphin found Friday in a marsh near Fort Morgan -- named Chance by its rescuers -- may be headed to recovery, according to Moby Solangi, director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport.

  • Dolphin Award nominations sought

    Nominations are being sought for the annual Malibu Times Citizens of the Year Dolphin Awards.

  • Mooring dolphin fails

    The mooring dolphin (at right) was broken when the Kakariki with a tug passed the moored Mount Owen ( pictured) in strong southwest winds at Ravensbourne fertiliser wharf earlier this week. read more



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