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  • Training Tips to Improve Underwater Dolphin Kick

    We are frequently asked for dolphin kick training tips and ideas to improve under waters. We have found that the keys to a strong dolphin kick are core and leg strength, ankle flexibility, and executing quick, snappy kicks that finish all the way through the toes.

  • Stranded dolphin netted, released in FL Panhandle

    A stranded dolphin dubbed "Christmas" is swimming freely after a two-day rescue effort in the Florida Panhandle.

  • Underwater Dolphin Kick Tempo: What Are the Best Doing?

    Every swimmer, coach, and fan knows that underwater dolphin kick is a big part of swimming fast: up to 30% of a long course race and 60% of a short course race can be swum underwater.

  • Stranded dolphin, Christmas , netted, released in Panhandle

    A stranded dolphin dubbed " Christmas " is swimming freely after a two-day rescue effort in the Florida Panhandle.

  • Dolphin Encounters, Blue Lagoon Island Launches Free Educational Mobile App

    Leading provider of Swim with Dolphin Programs brings ?Dolphin Fun Facts? App to iPhone and iPad usersBlue Lagoon Island, Bahamas (PRWEB) December 12, 2011 Dolphin Encounters on Blue Lagoon Island has launched its first app entitled ?Dolphin Fun Facts!? available for free from iTunes. Designed for download for both iPad and iPhone, the educational application was created for users to make a ...

  • Dolphin Tale (Blu-ray)

    Rent It The Movie: Let's get one thing out of the way; all you really need to know about Dolphin Tale you learn within the trailer that aired in the weeks before its release. Somehow there was a dolphin that washed ashore without a tail, and some grownups and kids tried to help nurture it back to health, and Morgan Freeman ( Invictus ) helps build a tail for it. Aside from the shock of seeing ...



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