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  • Hector's dolphin calves good news for species

    Rare Hector?s dolphin calves spotted in Akaroa Harbour is good news for a species that is on the endangered list. "Dolphin calves are the future of a rare species," Black Cat Managing Director Paul Bingham said. "It?s always exciting to see them in the harbour. You can clearly see the calves? stripes from being folded up inside mother?s tummy and they able to swim as soon as they are born ...

  • Dolphin's hearing compound found in insects

    Auckland, Dec 14 (IANS) A hearing system compound hitherto thought exclusive to dolphins has been discovered in a large group of insects, including crickets and grasshoppers, researchers say.

  • It's a girl: Atlantic bottlenose dolphin born at Discovery Cove

    SeaWorld's Discovery Cove recently welcomed the arrival of a baby Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

  • Discovery Cove baby dolphin not only cute, but also a pioneer

    The newest Atlantic bottlenose dolphin born at Discovery Cove in Orlando marks a technological advance for the park.

  • Dolphin born at Discovery Cove

    Discovery Cove is welcoming a newborn dolphin. But this birth is more important because of the scien

  • Girl Bit by Dolphin Felt Bad for the Fish

    The little girl who got bit by a dolphin at Sea World said today that it ?really, really hurt.? But instead of being upset, 8-year-old Jillian Thomas said she prayed for the dolphin. ?There was this little carton that you put the fish in and...



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