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  • Dolphin Tower repair work could begin early next year

    Residents might be able to return in late 2014.

  • Is Google's Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication?

    An underwater keyboard at Epcot Center, shown at TED by dolphin researcher Denise Herzing It started innocently enough, as rumors do: A friend of a friend and I were chatting about Google and he said that his buddy said that Google's secretive research lab, Google X, was working on communicating with dolphins. 

  • River Thames dolphins: Live updates as pod of five porpoises swim into central London

    The police team tracking the dolphin have attempted to inject some humour into their tweets. After discovering the first dolphin, the Marine Policing Unit said: "No further sighting of the dolphin to report of.

  • Dolphin Shows Gratitude to the Fishermen Who Rescued It

    A group of fisherman off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, had their Nov. 15 fishing trip transformed into a rescue mission for one adorable creature of the sea. In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube, the fishermen spot a young dolphin caught in a plastic bag. The anglers use a net to pull the calf onto their boat to help it out. After a few tries, they are finally able to free the dolphin from ...

  • Dolphin sightings on the Thames

    No further sightings of the #dolphin to report of. We're not sure if its here by accident or whether it swam here on porpoise...... Breaking #dolphin news.. Marine 2 are following a pod of about 5 harbour porpoises in the Lambeth area of the river.

  • Brewin Dolphin chief hails improvements after jump in profits

    BREWIN Dolphin has hailed a 22% rise in adjusted pre-tax profits as a "robust" performance in a year which saw it usher in a new senior management team.

  • Porpoises Lost In Lambeth: Pod Spotted On The Thames

    An off-course pod of porpoises have been spotted in the Lambeth area, following initial sightings near Tower Bridge. Scotland Yard's Marine Policing Unit reported the rare sightings on Twitter this morning, saying the mammals "seem happy enough." Marine 2 have been alerted to a sighting of a dolphin near Tower Bridge. -- MPSonthewater (@MPSonthewater) December 6, 2013 No further sightings of the ...

  • Dolphin rescued by fishermen

    Justin Salhani Nov. 22 (UPI) -- On Nov. 15 a group of fishermen rescued a dolphin off the coast of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The fishermen initially saw the dolphin stuck in a plastic bag. After being released the dolphin {link:jumps for joy: "http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/dolphin-shows-gratitude-to-the-fishermen-who-rescued-it-192918616.html?vp=1"}, which some people believe means it ...

  • Dolphin deaths continue in Volusia, on Florida coast

    Dead bottlenose dolphins continue to wash up along Florida?s east coast, suspected victims of a measles-like virus that is suspected to have killed more than 800 dolphins since July 1 between New York and Florida.

  • Baby born on the Dolphin Expressway

    Rush hour traffic took an unexpected turn Thursday when a woman went into labor in traffic on the Dolphin Expressway.



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