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  • Brookfield Zoo plays mom to baby dolphin

    The dolphin calf officially known as S13 is sometimes called Thor or Maximus by Brookfield Zoo staffers who've been taking care of him round-the-clock since his birth.

  • University of Toronto's Facilities & Services Department Selects Dolphin to Enhance SAP Accounts Payable With ...

    Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation , an SAP software solution and technology partner, has been chosen by the internationally-renowned University of Toronto to optimize the Facilities and Services ...

  • Expert creates underwater translator that 'deciphers the dolphin's language'

    Dr Denise Herzing, founder of the Wild Dolphin Project in Florida, has created a keyboard called CHAT that allows divers and dolphins to understand each other.

  • Is Google's Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication?

    An underwater keyboard at Epcot Center, shown at TED by dolphin researcher Denise Herzing It started innocently enough, as rumors do: A friend of a friend and I were chatting about Google and he said that his buddy said that Google's secretive research lab, Google X, was working on communicating with dolphins.

  • Dolphin disease found in Georgia

    A disease that has killed more than 800 bottlenose dolphins along mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S. coasts since July 1 has been confirmed in Georgia.

  • ?Dolphin Tale? sequel filming continues

    Morgan Freeman and other actors, in addition to Winter, are back at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as they work on the followup to the surprise hit of 2011.

  • Too late to save Maui's dolphin - experts

    Marine experts say it is too late to stop the Maui's dolphin becoming extinct.

  • Dolphin calf doing well, being raised by specialists at Brookfield Zoo

    BROOKFIELD ? A 6-week-old dolphin calf being reared by specialists at Brookfield Zoo is developing well, but still faces challenges after his mother wasn?t able to raise him.



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