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  • Dolphin lllnesses Linked to Gulf Oil Spill

    Dolphins living in waters affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill are showing elevated levels of lung disease and other health effects.

  • Dolphin show enthrals audience - DAWN.COM

    KARACHI: A select group of people provided with an opportunity to be at the preparatory session of the forthcoming Dolphin Show were thrilled to see marine mammals in action at the Maritime Museum on Friday.

  • Brookfield Zoo plays mom to baby dolphin

    The dolphin calf officially known as S13 is sometimes called Thor or Maximus by Brookfield Zoo staffers who've been taking care of him round-the-clock since his birth.

  • Dolphin encounter at Seaworld shows Red Raider receivers, linemen have work to do

    Texas Tech football team tours SeaWorld in San Diego ahead of Holiday Bowl

  • University of Toronto's Facilities & Services Department Selects Dolphin to Enhance SAP Accounts Payable With ...

    Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation , an SAP software solution and technology partner, has been chosen by the internationally-renowned University of Toronto to optimize the Facilities and Services ...

  • Study links BP oil spill to dolphin disease

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 (UPI) -- A U.S. government study links the BP oil disaster to Gulf of Mexico dolphin disease, but a spokesman for the oil and gas giant said the study proved nothing.

  • How one mobile browser is trying to save online privacy

    Dolphin on Wednesday announced a new browser application for Android, which aims to protect the user?s privacy while browsing the web, essentially becoming a?Snapchat of browsing.? Called Dolphin Zero, this first ephemeral mobile browser will automatically delete personal data on the mobile device when exiting the application, including browsing history, cache, passwords, cookies and anything ...

  • Government's Help to Buy scheme will 'fuel the UK's next debt bubble,' warns leading economist

    The IPPR?s chief economist Tony Dolphin poured scorn on Chancellor George Osborne?s promise of a recovery led by manufacturing and exports.

  • Marine center offers degree, hands-on training

    Molly, a bottlenose dolphin in her early 50s, can't see very well and requires special care. The staff at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys is teaching her to respond to verbal and touch-related ...



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