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  • John Parry loves being an NFL official (The Times of Northwest Indiana)

    John Parry remembers walking out of the tunnel of Miami's Dolphin Stadium for Super Bowl XLI.

  • Beached dolphins guided to safety in Philippines (AFP via Yahoo! News)

    Scores of fishermen and volunteers managed to guide more than 200 dolphins into deep water after they beached themselves in Manila Bay, officials in the Philippines said Tuesday.

  • Set nets blamed for latest dolphin death (The New Zealand Herald)

    Forest & Bird is renewing its call for a nationwide ban on set nets after the body of another endangered hector's dolphin was found washed up with knife slash wounds.

  • Philippines works to save 200 dolphins (CNN)

    Authorities in the Philippines were trying to drive back to sea a pod of about 200 dolphins that had swarmed to shallow waters in Manila Bay on Tuesday morning.

  • About 200 stranded dolphins rescued in Manila Bay (AP via Yahoo! News)

    At least 200 melon-head dolphins flocked to shallow waters of Manila Bay on Tuesday, prompting a massive rescue by hundreds of volunteers and fishermen who used their boats and hands to drive them back to deep seas.



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