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  • Blog | TV Plus: Dolphin cheerleaders stay in Amazing Race (Sun-Sentinel)

  • The Dolphin People, By Torsten Krol (Independent)

    The Dolphin People is a great big tidal wave of a book that will pick you up and whisk you along for the two or three days that it takes to read. You'll read it in bed, at breakfast and on the bus.

  • Young Fla. dolphin rescued after pod separation (Miami Herald)

    A young dolphin is being nurtured back to health in the Florida Keys after getting separated from a larger group of the mammals.

  • Injured Dolphin still not found in Qld (AAP via Yahoo!7 News)

    A wild dolphin badly injured by a shark has failed to turn up for a regular feeding session, but hope he is still alive hasn't yet faded.

  • Wayward dolphin found in Lake Monroe (FOX 35 Orlando)

    An animal rescue team from SeaWorld Orlando led efforts to track down and relocate a wayward dolphin on Friday.

  • Orphaned Dolphin Rescued Off Key West (CBS4 Miami)

    Marine mammal experts early Sunday began medical assessments on a young dolphin rescued Saturday evening in Key West.  The youngster apparently separated from a pod of dolphins and on Saturday it was seen near the Key West Yacht Club's docks.

  • Crew tries to save dolphin after shark attack (ABC via Yahoo!7 News)

    A crew from Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast are trying to rescue a dolphin that has been injured in a shark attack in Moreton Bay.

  • Race to save dolphin after shark attack (The Courier Mail)

    BEARING a massive shark bite mark across his head and back, wild dolphin Nari is in desperate need of help - if he's still alive.

  • Lost Dolphin Rescued After Winding Down St. Johns River (Central Florida News 13)

    SeaWorld's Animal Rescue Team rescues a wayward dolphin after she wandered her way down the St. Johns River and into Lake Monroe.



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