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  • Rescued dolphin transported to new home

    The first live oiled dolphin from the Deep Water Horizon oil spill is being acclimated to its new home. Louie was rescued in Louisiana and was given a five percent chance of survival. He was nursed back to health and is now living at the Dolphin Rescue Center in the Florida Keys.

  • Dolphin Watch Ecotour skipper experienced

    The skipper of a Dolphin Watch Ecotour boat that collided with an Outward Bound cutter on Saturday had been with the firm only one month, but had 16 years experience in the marine industry.

  • Dolphin House's 2010 numbers grim, January no better

    MONTROSE ?? Dolphin House saw nearly 192 child victims last year, and all but four of them were sex-abuse cases. As for January? No good news. All 17 children sent to Dolphin House for interviews and related services were sexual assault victims, said Sue Montgomery, the center's executive director.

  • Oil spill dolphin gets new home

    A young male dolphin, stranded in Louisiana last September, has successfully joined a new home in the Florida Keys.

  • Dolphin affected by Gulf oil spill at Fla. facility

    A dolphin who was affected by Gulf oil spill is now living at a marine mammal education and research facility in the Florida Keys.



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