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  • Dolphin House's 2010 numbers grim, January no better

    MONTROSE ?? Dolphin House saw nearly 192 child victims last year, and all but four of them were sex-abuse cases. As for January? No good news. All 17 children sent to Dolphin House for interviews and related services were sexual assault victims, said Sue Montgomery, the center's executive director.

  • Nearly killed in oil spill, dolphin now thriving

    Five months after the Deepwater Horizon explosion unleashed a torrent of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, a male dolphin washed up on Louisiana's Gulf Coast just barely alive.

  • Dog and dolphin forge an unusual friendship in Ireland

    How's this for evidence that we really can all get along? A Labrador retriever named Ben and a dolphin named Duggie inexplicably became the best of friends a few years back, despite the fact that one lives on land and...

  • Fisherman finds dead baby dolphin

    MUAR - A fisherman in Parit Jawa was taken aback at finding a dead baby dolphin in his fishing net. Chia Sing Keng, 59, said the mammal could have been trapped inside the net at about 11 nautical miles off Parit Bulat here. He said he and his four crewmen never tried to hurt the friendly dolphins.

  • Dolphin Energy raises QR127,400 for Shafallah

    Dolphin Energy Qatar yesterday announced that it had raised QR127,400, for the Shafallah Centre for Children with Special Needs, from its participation in the just concluded Commercialbank Qatar Masters.



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