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  • Dolphin deaths on Gulf Coast alarm scientists

    Scientists are trying to figure out what killed 53 bottlenose dolphins ? many of them babies ? so far this year in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Scientist: Baby dolphin deaths had '07 precedent

    A federal scientist says a recent surge of baby bottlenosed dolphin deaths has a precedent four years ago in Texas.

  • Orphan dolphin to find new family at Indy's zoo

    A month ago, Taz, a young Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf, was stranded on a sandbar off the coast of southern Florida.

  • Dolphin Calves Dying in the Gulf

    At least 20 dolphin calves have washed up dead since mid-January on Mississippi and Alabama shores.

  • Stranded Dolphin Finds Home At Indy Zoo

    A dolphin calf found stranded along the coast of Florida will soon call the Indianapolis Zoo home.

  • Dolphin Pregnant At Shedd Aquarium

    A Pacific white-sided dolphin at the Shedd Aquarium is pregnant, aquarium officials announced.

  • 3 more dolphin carcasses reported

    GULFPORT -- Three more dolphin bodies were reported along Mississippi and Alabama beaches Thursday, but the number of dead infants did not officially change.

  • Shedd dolphin returns from holiday pregnant

    After an extended holiday in Miami, Tique, a 26-year-old Pacific white-sided dolphin who resides at the Shedd Aquarium, returned home last year revealing that she is in the family way.



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