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  • Dolphin Hides Out From Blizzard In Sandwich Harbor

    A dolphin off of Cape Cod apparently decided it was no match for seas swelling to 25 feet.

  • Blue Dolphin Announces Formation of Special Committee of Board of Directors

    HOUSTON, Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Blue Dolphin Energy Company (OTCQX: BDCO) ("Blue Dolphin" or the "Company"), today announced that its Board of Directors (the "Board") ...

  • Dolphin That Died in New York Canal Was Old and Sick

    By Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) - A dolphin that died in a polluted New York canal last week was old and sick, and the toxic waters where it spent its final hours played little, if any, role in its demise, a biologist who examined the dolphin's carcass said on Tuesday. The male common dolphin had not eaten in some time even before swimming a mile inland up Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal, where it ...

  • Dolphin safety buoyed by river signage

    SLOW down for dolphins in the Port River, new buoys and signs warn.

  • Could Kidnapping a Baby Dolphin End the Slaughter at ?The Cove??

    It didn?t make the same worldwide headlines as the dead Gowanus dolphin, but a remarkable rescue of nearly 150 dolphins in imminent danger of stranding was just carried out in Australia, where wildlife experts deployed a questionable but ultimately successful technique to lure the large pod to safety.A juvenile dolphin was captured and used to issue distress calls out in deeper water, in order ...

  • Wayward dolphin dies in polluted New York canal

    NEW YORK (AP) ? A wayward dolphin that meandered into a polluted urban canal, riveting onlookers as it splashed around in the filthy water and shook black gunk from its snout, died Friday evening, marine experts said.

  • 16.5m deal for Dolphin Square

    DEVELOPERS at Dolphin Square have reiterated their commitment to building a retail complex for Weston after securing 16.5million through the sale of the Premier Inn hotel and the neighbouring car park.

  • Wayward dolphin dies in polluted NYC canal

    NEW YORK (AP) ? A wayward dolphin that swam into a polluted canal on Friday died before high tide, marine experts said.

  • Why We Can?t Save Every Stranded Dolphin

    Judging by last week?s high-profile death of a common dolphin in Brooklyn?s filthy Gowanus Canal, it seems that everyone really does want to ?save the whales.? And though the deeply humane impulse to jump in the water and rescue a marine mammal that is lost, sick or stranded is laudable, it is not always the best course of action for the animal, scientists and wildlife, rescue experts say.



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