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  • Hollywood Celebs to Obama: Please Save the 'Cove' Dolphins

    The year is young, but it?s already shaping up to be a rocky one for dolphin killers in Taiji, Japan. Hard on the heels of U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy?s condemnation of the slaughter at the notorious cove and a scathing editorial in The Japan Times comes an equally damning letter signed by marquee-name celebrities calling on the U.S. to block a pending international trade agreement unless ...

  • "Max Steel" Unveils Its Lead Actors, Ben Winchell, Ana Villafane

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dolphin Films announced today that Ben Winchell (Disney's "A.N.T. Farm," "Necessary Roughness") and Ana Villafane ("Hiding," ...

  • Celebrities want to tie trade pact to dolphin hunt

    A group of American celebrities and other activists want President Barack Obama to refuse to sign an international trade agreement until Japan bans the capture and slaughter of dolphins in the fishing ...

  • Acrobat dolphin's hungry hijinks

    The dolphin eyes the prize and measures the height and trajectory of its jump.

  • Dolphin Hunt In Japan Draws Criticism from U.S. Ambassador

    In addition to criticism from environmental activists, the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji Cove in Japan has drawn criticism from the United States' Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy. The ambassador came out against "drive hunt" dolphin killing, in which hundreds of bottlenose dolphins are rounded up into a small area of water and then hunted.

  • Ambassador Kennedy Criticizes Japan's Dolphin Hunt

    The dolphin roundup by a Japanese community is an annual hunt. But this time, new U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy has weighed in with displeasure. That puts her on the side of several wildlife and animal rights advocates who've condemned the annual slaughter. The Japanese defend it as traditional ? just as the U.S. does with native Alaskans who kill whales.

  • This Rare White Baby Dolphin Was Just Captured at the Cove. Can She Survive?

    Amid the global uproar over the latest round of dolphin killings in Taiji, Japan, one young calf, an extremely rare albino bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Angel by activists, has captured the hearts of people around the world. The pinkish-white female calf (her exact age is unknown) was one of 250 bottlenose dolphins forced into the deadly cove over the weekend. Only two others have reportedly been ...



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