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  • 127 Million Reasons Why the Cove Dolphin Slaughter Continues

    TakePart: The Cove premiered more than six years ago at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. You're quoted as saying that when you sat in that theater in Park City, Utah, you were convinced the hunt would be over. Ric O'Barry: Robert Redford told me afterwards it was the only Sundance documentary that he ever saw get a standing ovation.

  • Rare dolphin sightings on the rise since release of dolphin-spotting app

    A verified sighting of a rare dolphin off Paekakariki suggests the animals are travelling far south of where their marine protection sanctuary ends.

  • Doubtful? Lakers' Young defends dolphin tale

    Lakers reserve guard Nick Young went on the defense Wednesday of his story that a dolphin tried to kill him about a year ago in Mexico after it was learned that comedian Kevin Hart had told an eerily similar tale.

  • Revealing the Cove Dolphins' Toxic Secrets

    With the dolphin-killing season in Taiji, Japan, nearing its expected March 1 end, meat from striped dolphins slain last month in the notorious cove has tested positive for high levels of mercury and for trace but legally safe levels of radiation, said Ric O'Barry ofthe Dolphin Projecton Tuesday.

  • Mediterranean dolphins arrived after last Ice Age

    Provided by Marie Daniels, University of Lincoln The bottlenose dolphin only colonized the Mediterranean after the last Ice Age -- about 18,000 years ago -- according to new research. Leading marine biologists collaborated in the study -- the most detailed ever conducted into the genetic structure of the bottlenose dolphin population in the Mediterranean to date -- and the results have been ...

  • NBA player claims a dolphin tried to drown him while he was on vacation

    In a bizarre tale that would be more believable...

  • Massive effort to save dolphin ends

    SUBIC FREEPORT -- A massive collaborative effort to rescue and rehabilitate a Fraser's dolphin that was the lone survivor of an ?unusual mortality event" affecting 31 dolphins last month has ended with its death.

  • Is this dolphin family cursed?

    IS this Adelaide?s doomed dolphin family? There are only two surviving members from the bloodline of tail-walking Port River dolphin Wave ? and no one knows why they are dying out.

  • Nick Young recounts tale about how a dolphin tried to kill him

    BRM/Star Max/GC Images Nick Young has confirmed his girlfriend Iggy Azalea's story about how a dolphin once tried to kill him while the couple were on vacation.

  • Dolphin Up (Wii U) Review

    Quite a glorious game, but one that loses appeal way too soon. Dolphin Up is one of those games I never really heard much about. It just decided to cross my path one day so I decided to pick up the glove that was thrown at me. On one hand, I am glad that I did do exactly that - I pretty much laughed my behind off while I played this little adventure. Once the dust is all settled though, Dolphin ...



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