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  • SeaWorld Orlando Ends Public Dolphin Feedings

    SeaWorld Orlando ends public dolphin feedings; guests can still touch, take photos with them

  • Dolphin Shopping Centre shows support for Margaret Green centre and Julia?s House

    FOR the first time the Dolphin Shopping Centre has chosen two charities to support and help raise much needed funds.

  • SeaWorld ends public dolphin feedings

    The decades-long tradition of feeding dolphins has ended at SeaWorld's Orlando theme park.

  • Doubtful? Lakers' Young defends dolphin tale

    Lakers reserve guard Nick Young went on the defense Wednesday of his story that a dolphin tried to kill him about a year ago in Mexico after it was learned that comedian Kevin Hart had told an eerily similar tale.

  • New Residents: Dolphins Swam into Mediterranean 18,000 Years Ago

    Bottlenose dolphins moved into the Mediterranean, once too salty to harbor much marine life, at the end of the last ice age about 18,000 years ago, a new study finds. "It is quite likely that the bottlenose dolphin hasn't actually been in the Mediterranean for long, in terms of the evolutionary time frame," said Andre Moura, one of the study's researchers and a lecturer of life science at the ...

  • Dynamite fishing kills Fraser?s dolphin

    Despite receiving the best care possible during the 3 week rehabilitation due to injuries suffered because of dynamite fishing, ?Julius?, the surviving Fraser?s dolphin who was transported from Pangasinan to the Ocean Adventure theme park?s Dolphin Rescue Center in a 5-hour journey, did not manage to survive despite the 24/7 effort by marine mammal experts and trained volunteers here. The Fraser ...

  • 127 Million Reasons Why the Cove Dolphin Slaughter Continues

    TakePart: The Cove premiered more than six years ago at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. You're quoted as saying that when you sat in that theater in Park City, Utah, you were convinced the hunt would be over. Ric O'Barry: Robert Redford told me afterwards it was the only Sundance documentary that he ever saw get a standing ovation.

  • Revealing the Cove Dolphins' Toxic Secrets

    With the dolphin-killing season in Taiji, Japan, nearing its expected March 1 end, meat from striped dolphins slain last month in the notorious cove has tested positive for high levels of mercury and for trace but legally safe levels of radiation, said Ric O'Barry of the Dolphin Project on Tuesday.



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