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  • Dolphin calf death sparks anger

    The death of a dolphin, most likely from a boat of jet-ski, has sparked anger from tourist operators.

  • Dolphin calf death sparks anger

    THE killing of a dolphin calf off a beach has led to tourist operators calling for more protection for the mammals.

  • Bottlenose dolphin turns up in Puget Sound

    One of Flipper's kin is making an unusual visit to Puget Sound. Reports of a lone bottlenose dolphin started coming in as early as mid-December, and scientists from Cascadia Research have confirmed the sighting.

  • Dolphin Without Tail Thrives, Inspires

    A bottlenose dolphin injured by a crab trap beats the odds and inspires those around her.

  • DSE investigate dolphin jet-ski death

    A baby dolphin calf found dead south-east of Melbourne was probably killed by a boat or jet-ski.

  • Puget Sound Dolphin Is A Long Way From Home

    Dolphin sightings very rare north of California A bottlenose dolphin has strayed far, really far, from home. He's been spotted all over the southern part of the Puget Sound, and just off Olympia in Budd Inlet Thursday.

  • Dolphin center's purchase changes tax roll

    The sale of the Dolphin Conservation Center in Marineland to a nonprofit will remove more than $5 million worth of taxable property from the tax roll, an official estimates.



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