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  • Dolphin Capital Inv - Posting of Letter to Shareholders

    Dolphin Capital Inv - Posting of Letter to Shareholders

  • New insights on dolphin IQ

    A dolphin can detect and imitate the movements and behaviour of fellow dolphins even when it can't see them.

  • Sting meets dolphin advocate, hopes for debate

    Sting wants to help save dolphins still being brutally slaughtered in Japan, but says the best way is by starting a debate, not by forcing foreign opinion.

  • Dolphin campaign under way

    When Sheri Hargrove rented a documentary two years ago about dolphin killings in a small Japanese town, she had no idea it would take her across the globe.

  • New video reveals dolphin hunt just as brutal as ever

    A fresh account has emerged of a harrowing dolphin kill at the Japanese town of Taiji, confirming the controversial hunt thrives despite a foreign vigil against it.

  • Dolphins have 'unseen' skills

    A blindfolded dolphin can detect and imitate the fin splashes and movements of fellow dolphins.

  • Study explores how blindfolded dolphins can 'see'

    In a lagoon in the Florida Keys, trainer Emily Guarino blindfolds a male dolphin named Tanner with special latex goggles. "You ready, Tanner?" Guarino asks the young dolphin, waiting beside his companion Kibby.

  • Dolphin calf death sparks anger

    The killing of a dolphin calf in the Mornington Peninsula has led to tourist operators calling for more protection of the mammels from boats and jetskies.



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