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  • Hands on: Dolphin HD browser for Android is swimmingly good

    One of the strengths of Google's Android mobile operating system is its support for customization. Android enthusiasts can augment the capabilities of their Android device by replacing key components of the platform with superior third-party alternatives. There are a growing number of really great third-party home screen implementations and Web browsers that users can install directly from the ...

  • New insights on dolphin IQ

    A BLINDFOLDED dolphin can detect and imitate the fin splashes, swimming movements and other behaviour of fellow dolphins even when it can't see them.

  • Dolphin researcher observes, protects a growing family near John's Pass

    After five years of studying dolphins near John's Pass Bridge, one animal behaviorist has come to know them intimately.

  • Dolphin detectors are installed

    Dolphin have been installed in Cornwall to help reduce the number of dolphins caught in fishing nets.

  • Woman Shot Outside Green Dolphin Club

    Police are searching for suspects, after a woman was shot outside the popular Green Dolphin Street nightclub over the weekend.

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    A 90-pound bottlenose dolphin calf rescued on a sandbar in the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island continues to recover at Mote Marine?s Dolphin and Whale Hospital.

  • Dolphin campaign under way

    When Sheri Hargrove rented a documentary two years ago about dolphin killings in a small Japanese town, she had no idea it would take her across the globe.

  • Sting meets dolphin advocate, hopes for debate

    Sting wants to help save dolphins still being brutally slaughtered in Japan, but says the best way is by starting a debate, not by forcing foreign opinion.

  • Monk Seal, Hump-backed Dolphin Threatened Off Coast Of Mauritania

    Catalan researchers have studied the marine trophic network in Mauritania, on the north west coast of Africa, which is an extremely heavily exploited fishing area, as well as being home to two of the world's most threatened species of marine mammal ? the monk seal and the Atlantic hump-backed dolphin. The results of the study show that industrial and traditional fishing activities along the ...

  • Randy Starks 4th Dolphin chosen to 2011 Pro Bowl

    Miami Dolphins defensive end Randy Starks has been added to the 2011 AFC Pro Bowl team as a replacement for Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel, who will participate in the Super Bowl, it was announced Monday.



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