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  • Dolphin Activist Ric O?Barry: Boycotting Japan Is ?Racist?

    Richard O?Barry, the activist, former dolphin trainer and star of The Cove, has been working with whales and dolphins for half a century and, it?s fair to say, made a good number of enemies in the bargain. SeaWorld, for one, makes no attempt to conceal its contempt for him. O?Barry, who captured and trained TV?s Flipper, founded the Dolphin Project in 1970, which now is part of Earth Island ...

  • Video: Dolphin trained to crawl on land

    A dolphin trainer in Sebastopol, Ukraine, named Bogdan Dolgy has trained Gosha, a 15-year-old dolphin, to jump out of the water and crawl about 33 feet alongside a swimming pool.

  • Pestering people 'could provoke dolphin to kill'

    A wildlife rescue organisation has warned that a friendly dolphin on the New South Wales south coast could turn into a killer if it is continually provoked.

  • Dolphin in Ukraine learns to crawl

    A Black Sea bottlenose dolphin in Ukraine has learned how to crawl on land.

  • Amazing dolphin encounter caught on camera

    A group of tourists have captured amazing video of a holiday experience they will never forget when a wild dolphin decided to swim around their feet.

  • 'Dolphin therapy' for Chinese kids

    Beijing, Dec 27 (IANS) Dolphin therapy, a technique that helps treat children with mental disabilities, is gaining ground in China, a media report said Thursday.

  • Fred. Olsen Energy ASA: Contract Extension for Borgny Dolphin

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