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  • Dolphin Capital Advances on Panmure Gordon Pick: London Mover

    Dolphin Capital Investors Ltd. (DCI) , a developer of holiday and golfing resorts in southeast Europe , the Caribbean and central America, rose the most in 11 weeks after Panmure Gordon said the shares may double in 2013.

  • Dolphin rescued on Boxing Day dies from injuries

    KOTA KINABALU: The injured dolphin that was rescued on Boxing Day has died, despite the best care from animal lovers here.

  • Steer clear of Port's new baby dolphin

    Messenger North: OUR Dolphin Diary writer Marianna Boorman shares her latest news on what's happening in the Port River.

  • River users urged to steer clear of baby dolphin

    Messenger West: Our Dolphin Diary writer Marianna Boorman shares her latest news on what's happening in the Port River.

  • SeaWorld attack: Video captures dolphin biting little girl

    Jillian Thomas, 8, suffered four puncture wounds after dolphin bites her hand at SeaWorld Orlando. Eight-year-old Jillian Thomas is so obsessed with dolphins that when her parents brought her to SeaWorld Orlando last week, she made sure to visit the dolphin cove twice.

  • Dolphin Activist Ric O?Barry: Boycotting Japan Is ?Racist?

    Richard O?Barry, the activist, former dolphin trainer and star of The Cove, has been working with whales and dolphins for half a century and, it?s fair to say, made a good number of enemies in the bargain. SeaWorld, for one, makes no attempt to conceal its contempt for him. O?Barry, who captured and trained TV?s Flipper, founded the Dolphin Project in 1970, which now is part of Earth Island ...



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