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  • Dolphin Quest announces winning dolphin baby names

    Dolphin Quest Hawaii has selected the winning name for three baby dolphins from more than 1,200 contest entries. The three dolphins are named Lehua, Malu and Nahele. Lehua, was born on Sept. 17 to mother Keo.  The amazing underwater video of her birth touched the hearts of millions as viewers watched the dolphin mom in labor, the moment of delivery, and the newborn dolphin taking her very first ...

  • Video: Rare "dolphin stampede" caught on tape

    Passengers aboard a dolphin and whale watching boat caught a glimpse of a rare phenomenon known as a "dolphin stampede." Scott Pelley reports.

  • Boat caught in middle of dolphin stampede off Dana Point [Video]

    Dave Anderson, the captain of Capt. Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari, said that in decades he's spent on the water and among Southern California's dense dolphin population, he's only encountered slightly more than a dozen such stampedes. Yet last weekend, it happened twice: Once on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning, with Sunday's stampede captured on video.

  • MoEF panel prohibits dolphin parks

    New Delhi, Jan. 8 -- Setting up of dolphin-aquariums in India will remain a distant dream. An environment ministry panel has said it has neither given nor it will give permission to set up dolphinariums as it amounted to cruelty to animals.There are plans to set up big dolphin acquarim for public display in upcoming Noida mall and in Cochin in Kerala. The Kerala park being developed by a ...

  • Dolphin Stampede Off Dana Point, Calif. (VIDEO)

    When hundreds of jumping dolphins surround all sides of your boat, there's only one way to react: awestruck, giddy laughter.

  • Dolphin Capital Advances on Panmure Gordon Pick: London Mover

    Dolphin Capital Investors Ltd. (DCI) , a developer of holiday and golfing resorts in southeast Europe , the Caribbean and central America, rose the most in 11 weeks after Panmure Gordon said the shares may double in 2013.

  • Dolphin Activist Ric O?Barry: Boycotting Japan Is ?Racist?

    Richard O?Barry, the activist, former dolphin trainer and star of The Cove, has been working with whales and dolphins for half a century and, it?s fair to say, made a good number of enemies in the bargain. SeaWorld, for one, makes no attempt to conceal its contempt for him. O?Barry, who captured and trained TV?s Flipper, founded the Dolphin Project in 1970, which now is part of Earth Island ...

  • Hawaii dolphin whose birth was viral hit named

    Officials in Hawaii have named a baby dolphin whose birth captured on video became a viral video hit.



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