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  • Dolphin Browser Supercharges Dolphin Connect, Introduces 1:1 Integration and One-Tap Sharing

    Dolphin Browser, the most popular third-party smartphone browser, today unveiled an all-new version of its browser, souped up with Evernote Web Clipper integration, one-tap sharing and an enhanced Dolphin ...

  • One-tap sharing makes a splash in new Dolphin

    Dolphin continues to innovate the mobile browser with one-tap sharing, desktop browser add-ons for syncing, and robust Evernote integration. Originally posted at The Download Blog

  • Rare dolphin species threatened by big fishnets: researchers

    The long-beaked La Plata River dolphin, a small species living in in South America's Atlantic coastal waters, is increasingly threatened with extinction from big-net fishing, Brazilian researchers warn.

  • Dolphin Browser Demonstrates Why Mobile-Only Is A Losing Bet

    Mobile browser Dolphin is by all accounts a quality third-party application for both iOS and Android. Dolphin was one of the first browsers to come out with gesture and voice controls, allows for excellent personalization and is reasonably fast.  It is also fundamentally flawed.  A lot has been written in the past few months about ? mobile first. ? The mobile-first approach is where you develop ...

  • Dolphin Browser Broadcasts Shared Pages, Syncs With Desktop Browsers

    Android/iOS/Chrome/Firefox/Safari: The latest version of Dolphin Browser, our top pick for Android , can broadcast shared web pages over Wi-Fi so that any other Dolphin user on the same network can view it. Now it also offers desktop browser extensions so you can quickly send directions, tabs, maps and other content to your phone or tablet. More »

  • Video captured of dolphin rescue off Kona

    An amazing video was captured Friday night of a dolphin reaching out to a human for help. It happened during a manta ray dive experience off the Big Island's Kona International Airport. The group of snorkelers and divers heard a loud squeal and a bottlenose dolphin swam right into the dive spot. As it approached, diver Keller Laros saw it had a fishing line wrapped around its pectoral fin. The ...

  • Dolphin Quest announces winning dolphin baby names

    Dolphin Quest Hawaii has selected the winning name for three baby dolphins from more than 1,200 contest entries. The three dolphins are named Lehua, Malu and Nahele. Lehua, was born on Sept. 17 to mother Keo.  The amazing underwater video of her birth touched the hearts of millions as viewers watched the dolphin mom in labor, the moment of delivery, and the newborn dolphin taking her very first ...



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