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  • Dolphin That Died in New York Canal Was Old and Sick

    By Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) - A dolphin that died in a polluted New York canal last week was old and sick, and the toxic waters where it spent its final hours played little, if any, role in its demise, a biologist who examined the dolphin's carcass said on Tuesday. The male common dolphin had not eaten in some time even before swimming a mile inland up Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal, where it ...

  • Gowanus Dolphin Already Doomed Before It Entered Polluted Canal, Necropsy Reveals [PHOTOS]

    The dolphin that perished in the waters of the Gowanus canal wasn?t killed by the polluted waters of the Brooklyn waterway -- it was already severely sick and dying, scientists say.

  • Medical intervention would not have saved whale, dolphin stranded in NYC waters, necropsies determine

    Necropsies determine both the whale stranded on Breezy Point, Queens and the dolphin in Gowanus Canal in Northern Brooklyn were in poor health before their deaths. 

  • Biologist: Dolphin in NY canal was sickly and old

    NEW YORK (AP) ? A marine biologist says an aging dolphin that was stranded in a polluted New York canal and died there was ill and might not have survived anywhere.

  • Dead dolphin removed from toxic New York City canal

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The carcass of a dolphin that died after becoming mired in a notoriously toxic New York City canal has been removed and will be sent for a necropsy, a marine research group said on Saturday. The animal, a common dolphin, was first spotted in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal on Friday morning, where it was described as looking disoriented and unwell as it struggled to avoid getting ...

  • Dolphin That Died in Canal Was 'Chronically Ill,' Necropsy Shows

    While the contaminated waters of the Gowanus Canal "didn't help," the biologist who performed the necropsy said, the dolphin's death seemed to be due to chronic health problems, including kidney damage and stomach ulcers. The animal had not eaten for some time.

  • Dolphin dies in polluted NY canal

    A dolphin that meandered into a polluted urban canal has died.



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