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  • Lonely Dolphin Seeks Human Friends After Becoming Separated From Pod (VIDEO)

    Apparently even dolphins get a little lonely. A female bottlenose dolphin, who was separated from her pod off the coast of Australia in 2012, has become a regular sighting for beachgoers near Sydney. Recently, it seems, the dolphin has even sought out human friends , often playing with surfers and swimmers -- whether they like it or not. " She is an attention seeker ," National Parks and ...

  • Study Discovers Natural Hybridization Produced Dolphin Species

    A newly published study on the clymene dolphin, a small and sleek marine mammal living in the Atlantic Ocean, shows that this species arose through natural hybridization between two closely related dolphins species, according to authors from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the American Museum of Natural History's Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, the University of Lisbon, and other ...

  • Playful dolphin surprises swimmers in Sydney

    An inquisitive dolphin, which has been befriending swimmers and surfers along the Sydney coastline, joins a group for an early morning dip        

  • Australian dolphin that prefers to play with humans than other dolphins

    Playful dolphin in Australia spends hours with swimmers and surfers at popular beaches, apparently preferring humans to other dolphins after being rescued when stranded        

  • Aberdeen company wins £155m contract

    Dolphin Drilling wins a contract from Chevron North Sea Limited for work in the UK sector of the North Sea which has been valued at £155m.

  • Decline in dusky dolphin population

    Marlborough Sounds tourism operator Danny Boulton is calling for the removal of mussel farms in Admiralty Bay following a study pointing to the area's declining dusky dolphin population.

  • Turning Whales Into Suds: Icelandic Beer Outrages Activists

    Whale and dolphin advocates are up in arms over?and nauseated by?Iceland?s newest beverage: whale beer. Created by the Stešjar brewery and the fin whaling company Hvalur, both based in Iceland, the product launch is tied to the Icelandic festival Thorrablot, which celebrates the Norse god Thor. ?What is considered culinary novelty to some is really an affront to the rest of the world's moral ...

  • Dolphin lllnesses Linked to Gulf Oil Spill

    Dolphins living in waters affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill are showing elevated levels of lung disease and other health effects.        

  • Brookfield Zoo plays mom to baby dolphin

    The dolphin calf officially known as S13 is sometimes called Thor or Maximus by Brookfield Zoo staffers who've been taking care of him round-the-clock since his birth.        



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