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  • Clymene Dolphin May Be Rare Product Of Natural Hybridization

    Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Natural hybridization between two dolphin species likely helped to bring about the mysterious clymene dolphin , according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE . Researchers from several institutions found in a molecular analysis that spinner dolphins and striped dolphins helped create the clymene dolphin. Questions about the ...

  • Dolphin caught in Sydney shark net

    A dolphin killed in shark netting on a Sydney beach 'justifies' calls for the nets to come down.

  • Dolphin found caught in Sydney shark net

    A dead dolphin has been found tangled in shark nets off Newport, on Sydney's northern beaches.

  • Lonely Dolphin Seeks Human Friends After Becoming Separated From Pod (VIDEO)

    Apparently even dolphins get a little lonely. A female bottlenose dolphin, who was separated from her pod off the coast of Australia in 2012, has become a regular sighting for beachgoers near Sydney. Recently, it seems, the dolphin has even sought out human friends , often playing with surfers and swimmers -- whether they like it or not. " She is an attention seeker ," National Parks and ...

  • At 6 Flags, whistler's mother gives birth

    The dolphin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo who drew interest from researchers for possibly vocalizing to her unborn baby gave birth to a healthy male Thursday. Minutes after the tail emerged, Bella rubbed her belly on a ledge around the pool, hopped back in the water, and the calf came out.

  • Dolphin Rescued, Rehabbing at Texas State Aquarium

    A dolphin stranded on a beach is found and brought to the Texas State Aquarium sea lab where he is undergoing treatment.



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