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  • DNA Discovery Reveals Surprising Dolphin Origins

    Two different dolphin species mated to create the clymene dolphin, scientists report, in a first scientific find of such a hybrid marine mammal species.        

  • ?Lonely? dolphin making human friends, but experts ask swimmers to stay away

    Conservationists hope that bottlenose dolphin that has been surprising swimmers along NSW coast will rejoin a wild pod Helen Davidson

  • Dolphin caught in Sydney shark net

    A dolphin killed in shark netting on a Sydney beach 'justifies' calls for the nets to come down.

  • Stranded Dolphin Rescued from Texas Beach Dies

    A dolphin found stranded last week on a South Texas beach has died.

  • Hybrid Dolphin: Neat Curiosity or Bad Omen?

    The first naturally occurring marine mammal hybrid -- a sleek dolphin -- could mean that love prevails in the ocean, or that species are in jeopardy.

  • Fears for the safety of dolphins who crave human company

    Swimming with a dolphin may sound like a magical experience - but scientists say life seldom turns out well for solitary dolphins that seek human company.

  • Update: Riverhead Foundation recovers dead dolphin from Southold creek

    Update: Riverhead Foundation rescue program director Kimberly Durham said a dolphin found dead Sunday in Southold has been recovered and positively identified as a common dolphin. Biologists received help from Southold Police Department in reaching the carcass, Ms. Durham said. A necropsy will be performed on the animal to determine a cause of death. Original story: A [?]



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