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  • DNA Discovery Reveals Surprising Dolphin Origins

    Two different dolphin species mated to create the clymene dolphin, scientists report, in a first scientific find of such a hybrid marine mammal species.        

  • ?Lonely? dolphin making human friends, but experts ask swimmers to stay away

    Conservationists hope that bottlenose dolphin that has been surprising swimmers along NSW coast will rejoin a wild pod Helen Davidson

  • Stranded Dolphin Rescued from Texas Beach Dies

    A dolphin found stranded last week on a South Texas beach has died.

  • Dolphin caught in Sydney shark net

    A dolphin killed in shark netting on a Sydney beach 'justifies' calls for the nets to come down.

  • Hybrid Dolphin: Neat Curiosity or Bad Omen?

    The first naturally occurring marine mammal hybrid -- a sleek dolphin -- could mean that love prevails in the ocean, or that species are in jeopardy.

  • Update: Riverhead Foundation recovers dead dolphin from Southold creek

    Update: Riverhead Foundation rescue program director Kimberly Durham said a dolphin found dead Sunday in Southold has been recovered and positively identified as a common dolphin. Biologists received help from Southold Police Department in reaching the carcass, Ms. Durham said. A necropsy will be performed on the animal to determine a cause of death. Original story: A [?]

  • Taiwan seizes seven tonnes of dolphin meat

    Taiwanese authorities said Tuesday they had confiscated 7.65 tonnes of dolphin meat in one of the largest hauls of its kind. Officials seized the meat while searching a frozen goods factory in the southern city of Kaohsiung over the weekend. Tests confirmed the product was dolphin, and it is estimated 150 of the animals were slaughtered to create the stockpile, the Pingtung Forest District ...



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