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  • Dolphin-power sufficient for propulsion without tricks

    ( The Company of Biologists ) For 60 years the world has believed that dolphins did not have enough muscle to propel them at high speed and that they were resorting to some fluid-flow trickery to pull off their impressive performance. But Frank Fish from West Chester University, USA, never believed it and now he has proved that not only do dolphins have sufficient muscle power, but also they ...

  • DNA Discovery Reveals Surprising Dolphin Origins

    Two different dolphin species mated to create the clymene dolphin, scientists report, in a first scientific find of such a hybrid marine mammal species.        

  • Mobile Browser Dolphin Hits 100M Installs, Launches Innovation Lab Focused On Smart Devices

    Dolphin, the third-party browser made by Sequoia Capital-backed startup MoboTap, announced today that it has reached 100 million downloads globally, fueled in large part by tackling emerging markets such as Russia, India, and Brazil. Dolphin also officially launched the second part of its growth strategy, Dolphin Labs, a team of engineers who will find ways to extend Dolphin's ecosystem by ...

  • ?Lonely? dolphin making human friends, but experts ask swimmers to stay away

    Conservationists hope that bottlenose dolphin that has been surprising swimmers along NSW coast will rejoin a wild pod Helen Davidson

  • Dolphin caught in Sydney shark net

    A dolphin killed in shark netting on a Sydney beach 'justifies' calls for the nets to come down.

  • Stranded Dolphin Rescued from Texas Beach Dies

    A dolphin found stranded last week on a South Texas beach has died.



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