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  • Dolphin skull among castle finds

    Part of a dolphin skull and a medieval arrowhead are among more than 9,500 artefacts uncovered by an archaeological dig at Cardigan Castle.

  • First New Species of River Dolphin Discovered in a Century

    The Araguaian boto is a proposed new species in Brazil that is thought to be highly endangered.        

  • This Rare White Baby Dolphin Was Just Captured at the Cove. Can She Survive?

    Amid the global uproar over the latest round of dolphin killings in Taiji, Japan, one young calf, an extremely rare albino bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Angel by activists, has captured the hearts of people around the world. The pinkish-white female calf (her exact age is unknown) was one of 250 bottlenose dolphins forced into the deadly cove over the weekend. Only two others have reportedly been ...

  • New river dolphin species found in Brazil

    Scientists have made the first discovery in 100 years of a new river dolphin species. The discovery of the "Inia araguaiaensis" in the waters of the Araguaia river in Brazil's vast Amazon rainforest was announced last week in a study posted online by the Plos One scientific journal.

  • New river dolphin species found

    The Araguaian Boto is the first new river dolphin discovered since the end of World War One and only the fifth known species.



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