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  • Dolphin skull among castle finds

    Part of a dolphin skull and a medieval arrowhead are among more than 9,500 artefacts uncovered by an archaeological dig at Cardigan Castle.

  • New river dolphin species found in Brazil

    SAO PAULO (AP) ? Scientists have made the first discovery in 100 years of a new river dolphin species in the waters of the Araguaia river in Brazil's vast Amazon rainforest.

  • Dolphin Hunt In Japan Draws Criticism from U.S. Ambassador

    In addition to criticism from environmental activists, the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji Cove in Japan has drawn criticism from the United States' Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy. The ambassador came out against "drive hunt" dolphin killing, in which hundreds of bottlenose dolphins are rounded up into a small area of water and then hunted.

  • First New Species of River Dolphin Discovered in a Century

    The Araguaian boto is a proposed new species in Brazil that is thought to be highly endangered.        

  • Campaigners rally against Japan's dolphin hunting

    Activists protesting against Japan's indigenous dolphin hunting held a rally in Tokyo Friday, calling on officials to stop sales of the marine mammals to aquariums and as meat. Some two dozen campaigners, mostly Japanese, congregated in front of the Fisheries Agency with banners and pictures, urging the government to ban dolphin catching. "Most Japanese people do not know about dolphin hunting ...



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